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Replace upfront costs with affordable solutions

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Minimise cyber attack and data loss risks

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Fully scalable to handle data growth

Work anywhere

Work anywhere

Is your infrastructure ready for the new “work anywhere” reality? Review your hardware and software, utilise the cloud, and give your team flexibility and mobility with Truebyte Work Anywhere.

Avoid business disruption

Avoid business disruption

Outdated and siloed systems increase the possibility of cyber attacks and the loss of business-critical information. We help you reduce risk by implementing a robust disaster recovery and backup strategy.

Increase collaboration and productivity

Increase collaboration and productivity

Forget the hassles of administrating multiple third party storage solutions. Equip your teams with what they need and speed up sharing, increase collaboration and make files easier to find.

Scalable up and down

Scalable up and down

Infrastructure-as-a-service allows you to scale services rapidly both-ways. You’ll be able to accommodate rapid growth, and ensure you are not wasting resources when demand fluctuates. Enable deployment of new services and teams quickly and efficiently.

Hybrid when needed

Hybrid when needed

Not all business needs are suited to the cloud. For essential services that require an on-premise set up we’ll retain existing hardware, only moving relevant service to Truebyte Cloud.

Key Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure as a service

Get scalable server and storage options that flex with your needs

Hybrid infrastructure

The combination of your local and integrated Truebyte cloud services

Truebyte Work Anywhere

Work how, where and when you want with powerful, affordable virtual desktops

Truebyte Cloud

Your data, available and secure; storage, real-time file sync, backup and archiving

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Enhance your operational resilience and minimise downtime


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