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We are one company, we are Truebyte Tech

Achieving genuine operational agility

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Our Head of Technical Mike started out his Truebyte career in IT support but showed an interest in code. At that time the company were approached to create a clinical audit tool and Mike wrote it from scratch. In the early days he showed remarkable perseverance when things didn’t work as easily as he had hoped. He laid the groundwork in 2010 for the product we created for Applied Healthcare Solutions called Clinical Guardian. We have come a long way since those early days. Clinical Guardian now serves over 15 million patients in the UK. In a small team, finding their feet in start-up mode, it felt like a simple decision to unleash Mike from general IT tasks for our clients, according to the opportunity in front of us.

For us, right now, we are aware that true agility is the key to Truebyte being a continued success. We are realising that sometimes job titles and team formations can cause unnecessary barriers to growth. We’re a team with a diverse skillset and over the years we have noticed that roles need to adapt, or else growth gets stifled.

Stuart joined us in 2018 and has worked on various development projects, including Truebyte Blaze, our CMS for company websites. He previously worked for a software solutions company, and an IT services MSP. His IT Services skillset has been untapped since joining Truebyte’s software team. It didn’t take long to realise that having a clear dividing line between teams was too rigid for our own good. We are now exploring the flexibility Stuart needs to be involved in both areas. Most of our clients require both traditional IT and development services, so our team mix and the way we work together should reflect that.

Phil joined the IT Services team in 2017, working on the IT helpdesk and regularly delivering onsite support to our London clients in his formative days with us. He also demonstrated genuine interest and natural C# aptitude we offered him a software development position within a year. Phil has played a significant role in the ongoing development of Clinical Guardian and he feels this was the best route forward in team for him.


Matt our founder set things up in 2002. Matt has a telecoms background, working for Orange in the 90s and he established Truebyte’s first ever IT contract for a leading architectural practice.

Recently we’ve have been scoping several significant new opportunities with a common thread – networking. That’s Matt background, and it is natural and enjoyable for him, so in keeping with our increased agility he has applied some of his lesser known talents and got back onsite! He embodies our values of excellence and customer service. It has been a tangible example of how Matt has laid the groundwork over the years, setting the tone for the delivery that will follow.

This work with existing and new clients is allowing Truebyte to demonstrate it breadth of technical skills. We’re growing into a multi-skilled technology provider and we’re continually on the lookout for people to join us. It is an exciting space to be in.

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